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Real Estate Imagery

Leap Photography improves real estate listings with true-to-life images that communicate positively to prospective buyers, and prefers to do work within West and South Seattle, Burien, Renton. (If your listing is in another area, please call to discuss.)

The following considerations are made for each real estate shoot:

     * judicious use of high-dynamic range techniques

     * supplementary lighting, if required

     * choice of camera lens

     * smart, slight staging adjustments

     * the time of day of the shoot (for incoming window light)

The photos will surely reflect the property with pleasing honesty. Before the shoot, we will together identify what adjustments should be made to staging or in how images are captured to reflect your intentions for marketing the property. Pictures will be handled with expert finesse using an assortment of image processing software. Delivery of images will be made available for download to your computer primarily in JPG format in the sizes required for online and print advertising. The number of images will reflect the size and features of the property with  good composition to communicate these elements. Custom slideshows that are branded to you or your company specifically are provided for a minimal charge. See my rates for real estate photography.

Images for Licensing

My images are available for licensing on this web site and on my Dreamstime Portfolio which has several editorial images of the Seattle area and some fine art and general images good for print. Extra large sizes for commercial use can be delivered. Use the contact form to negotiate the purchase.

Portraiture & Event Photography 

Portraiture that is both flattering and tells a story aligns with my fine art approach to photography. Capturing clients doing a hobby or at their favorite location is pure fun to shoot. If today‚Äôs lifestyle photography which is frequently high-key, soft, and sweet does not appeal to you, then I may be your photographer. I like natural grit, imperfection, and strong contrast.  Adjustments can be made to improve whatever features you wish to enhance or diminish.

On occasion, Leap is asked to help with event photography, despite the fact that this is not my target business. If the event can use uncomplicated captures, appropriate for small and casual affairs, I would consider helping. Contact Leap to discuss your plans to see if we can work out services and pricing fitting your needs.

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