Serene Cast

“Leap” is my name (Lea P.) and I frame life through Nikon lenses in the picturesque Seattle region.

Marvelous compositions are everywhere

My eye is ever seeking striking relationships between lines, texture, and shapes in urban and natural environments.

To reinforce memories, I document events and locations through photographs, and strive to record the spirit and details of the subjects.

Images that cause one to analyze the compositions are particularly fun to capture. Hints of grit and oddness keep the portfolio interesting.

My emphasis is on real estate photography. I also offer uncomplicated services in portraiture and commercial photography. I welcome projects that can be executed and processed in a day or two. 

My background

As an user experience designer, I helped clients to develop internet applications for over 15 years. Nowadays, I employ these skills to help a client if their project works for my schedule.

Also, I dabble in writing and the fine arts when the inspiration hits.

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